Transmission Maintenance

Transmission Maintenance

Your transmission is extremely important to your vehicle, be it a front real, rear wheel, 4 wheel or all wheel drive. If the transmission isn`t working properly, yo put it simply, your vehicle won`t be going very far if it moves at all. That`s why transmission repair, maintenance, and even the dreaded transmission replacement are so important. They must be handled by a trusted, certified mechanic who understands the transmission in your vehicle.

At Highway 30 Garage, we have a fully certified, highly trained staff of mechanics that you can trust. We have transmission specialists on staff as well. If you need a transmission repair, if your transmission is sluggish, or you even need a re-build or replacement and you live in Burly, we`re ready and able to help. Highway 30 Garage has been servicing the transmissions of thousands of customers in Burly for many years, and we`ll gladly help you with whatever you might need.

Even if you simply need transmission fluid checked or if your vehicle needs its transmission fluid flushed and filled, we`re glad to take a look. We offer fast, friendly service, and have a reputation second to none. Your vehicles transmission is too important to mess around with. Whether it`s time for simple transmission maintenance or you are in need of serious repairs, make an appointment today.

We guarantee you`ll be more than happy with our service, and we`ll have your transmission in great working order as quickly as possible. At Highway 30 Garage, we pride ourselves on our pricing, our expert workmanship, our honesty and our open lines of communication. We look forward to hearing from you and to having the opportunity to fix your transmission. We know how important your vehicle is, and how minportant the transmission is to your vehicle.

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