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Highway 30 Garage: Wendel Auto Repairs

Highway 30 Garage is proud to offer a full range of auto repair services to vehicle owners located in the greater Twin Falls area.

If you own a vehicle, you undoubtedly know that you will need to take it in for repairs at some point. Even a regularly maintained vehicle will eventually need some kind of repair, however simple. If you are located in the greater Magic Valley area, Highway 30 Garage can help you get your vehicle back in working order quickly, efficiently and within budget.

Oil Changes

Regular oil changes help your vehicle run smoothly and consume less gas. Old or dirty oil may also, in time, cause damage to your engine and leave you with costly repairs that could easily have been avoided.

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Lube Jobs

Lube jobs are essential to keep all your vehicle’s moving parts lubricated and clean. Highway 30 Garage recommends taking your vehicle in for a tube job at least twice a year to make sure that everything keeps moving smoothly.

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Car Tune Ups

Regular tune-ups help ensure that your vehicle is running as efficiently as possible, and are a major factor in maintaining its value and longevity. Fro replacing air filters to cleaning spark plugs, Highway 30 Garage offers complete and regular transmission maintenance servicing.

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Transmissions: Repair & Maintenance

Heat, cold, extreme driving and suddenly dropping into gear can put your vehicles transmission at risk. In short, the tougher you are on your vehicle, the harder your vehicle is on the transmission. Be sure to schedule regular maintenance on your vehicle. This will significantly reduce the likelihood of a breakdown.

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Ac Maintenance

Heating and cooling problems in your vehicle can not only mean an extremely uncomfortable ride, they can also lead to your car overheating and create more pressing and damaging problems that can prove costly to fix.

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Car & Truck Radiators

Many thousands of dollars are wasted on major engine repairs only because the driver “tried to make it” someplace while their car was overheating. When coolant is escaping from your radiator your car’s ability to stay cool goes with it. If your engine’s insides get too hot, they start to distort, melt and break, leading to very costly repairs. Radiator repair is far less expensive than inner engine work.

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Car & Truck Inspections

Our mechanics check for oil or transmissions leaks, loose or missing bolts, and look for wear and tear on any belts. We will also examine the electrical system including brake and tail lights, headlights and any on-board warning systems. Emissions may also be tested to ensure they comply with local regulations.

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Highway 30 Garage

Highway 30 Garage is a Twin Falls Garage, Auto Repair and Towing company
that was founded with one goal in mind: to provide courteous,
professional and unparallelled customer service and workmanship to
residents of the Twin Falls area…

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